Visit of an “English farm” with the European Section

Publié le 2 février 2017Image_0.jpg

Tim Green, an English farmer, welcomed us on the farm he rents in Vimer near Vimoutiers. The farm actually belongs to “the château” as he said and the tenancy finishes in 12 months.

He told us he loves this place even though he was “deported” 35 years ago. Indeed, he used to farm in Scotland but his boss, who owned the Farmers Weekly magazine, wanted him to go to France (to spy us !).

Tim Green rears 400 ewes and 200 store lambs, their breed is Blackface. He and his French partner also produce 10 Salers (a wonderful breed), and milk with 115 dairy cows whose breed is Normande.

As you can see on the picture below, the farm is not flat. They farm 183 hectars of good and bad pastures (meadows) and 60 hectars of arable land with arable silage, maize and oats. He works with the biscuit factory of Lonlay l’Abbaye that uses a part of this oats. He also sells apples to Agrial.

They have got a good quality milk and the Livarot designation. The milk yield is 6200 litres per cow per year.  His milk contains 46 g/kg of butter fat and the protein rate is 38 g/kg. His cows have 3 or 4 milking seasons in their life.

Tim Green’s farm is not an organic one but he takes care of the environment by using a minimum of spray and antibiotics.

Unfortunately, 3 or 4 cows have Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) each year and they “go to Mc Donald’s” because they can not be cured. In his ration he uses maize silage, grass, hay, straw and rape meal plus minerals, vitamins and smartamine. This is a complete diet.


Written by Edouard Chauvin, Flora Fournier, Alice Lemière, Manon Lemignier, Alexis Letissier,  Azeline Nemery, Léopoldine Novince, Students and Emilie Labarrière, Teacher Zootechnie.